Spacey falls. ?Thor takes bank. ?And another shooting in the house of The Lord. ?Sigh. ?Sad times ??

  • If the powers that be ever got the guts to give y?all a peek inside our private Screen Fish Messenger feed, OH BOY! ?It?s a hotbed of debates, arguments, random thoughts and, most of all, love. I personally think that some of my BEST writing is done in THAT forum…which is how THIS series started! ?I shared random thoughts about my weekend at the movies. ?The bosses coerced…I mean ENCOURAGED me to write em. Heh! ??
  • Speaking of The Fish, I?m sorta kinda guiding SF?er Heather Johnson along her Throwback Thursday journey to catch those classics she missed in the theatre a long time ago. ?It?s been a lot of fun helping her out. ?Can?t wait to see her next review!
  • THOR RAGNAROK: ?Some folk around these parts lament the loss of the faux Shakespearean element of the series. ?I SAY: That?s EXACTLY WHY it took $121 million this weekend. ?In the previous two, Loki was the only one having fun. ?This time, Thor, Hulk and the entire audience joined in on the fun. ? This is a looser, leaner Thor – one who knows he has nothing to prove and that his place among the titans of the MCU is secure. ?So he chopped that hair right on off and had fun! ?And so did we!
  • Saturday was my seventeenth wedding anniversary. ?My wife Ilayna and I kicked off the festivities by watching one of our favorite movies as a couple: TOMBSTONE! ?And we don?t simply WATCH it…we flip?the subtitles on and quote our favorite lines – mostly Doc Holliday?s, of course.? Seventeen years ago, before I wrote about movies and arranged movie outings for the folks in my city, Ilayna was my movie sidekick. ?80% of the movies I saw, she was right by my side. ?How romantic, huh? ?NOT! ?Those drives home from the theatre have led to the most knock down drag out arguments EVER! ?From the cliffhanger in LOTR: The Two Towers to Star Wars Episode 2 where she predicted Lucas would claim Anakin was a ?virgin birth? ?and I called her crazy (she was right ?) to the ending of Inception – where she STILL thinks Leo?s in the dream (He?s NOT! ??) to the awaited revelation coming this December 15 of who Rey?s parents are in Star Wars Episode 8 (she thinks Rey and Ben are brother and sister. ?I think she?s cuckoo!!!), our epic movie conquests can be summed up in one name: NERDLOVE! ?It?s our unique bond that only she and I share. ?A bond forged in God and movies! ?Our first date in May 1999 was Star Wars Episode 1. ?And that was HER idea! ?I argue down the SF tribe as I mentioned before. ?But I can?t argue down my wife. ?She?s my match. ?Superior to me in many ways. ?Movie IQ off the chain. ?The only woman on the planet where I can sit at a drive-in movie and we both spend four hours WATCHING THE MOVIE instead of fogging up the windows. ?That?s NERDLOVE. ?Happy anniversary, Ilayna. ?I love you. ??

See yall next week as we discuss whether a remake of Murder On The Orient Express was necessary. ?Happy moviegoing! ?And may God protect us all. ?Especially from ourselves!

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