HotDocs ’23: Stephen Curry – Underrated

This was almost a very different documentary. Luckily, Stephen Curry is pretty good at Basketball. As audacious a title as Underrated may be for a film about a three-time NBA champion and a player who changed how the modern NBA plays, Curry’s journey exhibits how he has always been kind of written off throughout his career. His lack of physique and height made him a hidden gem among college scouts and a little liberal arts college outside Charlotte were sharp enough to spot his potential. Curry’s career is a unique product of his upbringing, the son of an NBA player and college volleyball star who despite his skills was never expected to thrive at the next level of play. 

The film originally was supposed to follow Curry getting his undergraduate degree from Davidson, something he decided to forgo when he went into the NBA draft in 2009. It was also the same year that Curry beat the all-time record for most three pointers made by an NBA player, seemed like a good time to tell his story. Then, as the 2021-22 NBA season continued, Curry’s team—the Golden State Warriors—were brewing something special. As it turns out the team would go all the way to win the NBA championship, an accomplishment that paralleled Curry’s run with Davidson at the 2008 NCAA tournament. This provided a way to see how Curry has always been himself, a humble guy who never gave up no matter how much he messed up and always grounded himself with his family, friends and mentors who were integral for him to be who he is. 

Indeed, the best parts of the film are the ones where Curry’s family and friends can comment on all of his quirks and misadventures on his way to his Finals MVP in 2022. The film may be about a player some would the most overrated player of all time but Curry seems to be defined by the people in his life. He’s the most ‘himself’ when he can watch Davidson compete in March Madness with his old teammate and poking fun at friend and teammate Draymond Green. This vision of Curry is a fun loving and competitive, family man who has a long-standing love for the game of basketball and the people he’s come to love through it, both on and off the court.

Stephen Curry: Underrated is now playing at HotDocs ’23. For more information, click here.

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