Home Again: Can You Find Home … Again?

Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon) needs a reboot and gets the fresh start she never expected in?Home Again, a comedy-drama that marks the debut of writer/director?Hallie Meyers-Shyer. Meyer-Shyer is the daughter of writer/directors Charles Shyer and Nancy Meyers (Father of the Bride,?The Parent Trap,?What Women Want), continuing in making films that entertain and point an ironic finger back at some of what we settle for as ‘normal’ in life.

Kinney is the daughter of a famed filmmaker, but she’s now living estranged from her husband (Michael Sheen), and raising a pair of daughters. She’s ‘helped’ by her mother, Lilian (Candice Bergen), one of the many women Kinney’s father bedded. But when Kinney ends up crossing paths with three aspiring filmmakers in a drunken one-night stand, their whole arc changes.

Harry (Pico Alexander) is the force behind this movie they want to make, while his brother Teddy (Nate Wolff) is the star and his best friend George (Jon Rudnitsky) is the screenwriter. When they realize how much they admire Kinney’s father’s work, they end up crashing at her house (which is technically her father’s). And suddenly, a different kind of family is formed, whether it makes sense to those around them (or the audience) or not.

While Kinney has struggled with who she is and what her purpose is, this new family – raising her children and befriending three would-be moviemakers – gives her the grounding she needs to stand on her own, and ultimately, come home again by making an old place new.

Special features include the feature commentary by Meyers-Shyer and her mother.?


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