Furie: Hell Hath None…

Furie?follows the story of Hai Phoung (Veronica Ngo), a young mother with a past in the criminal underworld. When her daughter is kidnapped by a trafficking ring, Hai sets out on a vendetta to bring her home, no matter who stands in her way.?

Written and directed by Le Van Kiet (House in the Alley),?Furie fits well into the ?revenge genre? resurgeance that has continued to endure over the last few years. Beginning (arguably) with Liam Neeson?s?Taken, the story of one person?s reckless quest for justice when the system seems to fail them has been become a staple in the box office. As a result, the genre has featured mixed results over the years, from the very best (John Wick) to the forgettable (Peppermint). With the arrival of?Furie, Van Kiet offers an action thriller that leans more heavily towards the best pieces of the genre. Featuring spectacular action from star Veronica Ngo, the film absolutely delivers when it needs to do so. What?s more, Van Kiet has a good sense on how to balance drama with the action, understanding the need for storytelling but also the action expectations of his audience.

Hai Phoung checks all the boxes for the protagonist in these films. A past that explains her incredible abilities to perform acts of violence? Check. A seemingly justifiable reason for creating carnage as she takes matters into her own hands? Absolutely. However, what sets this addition to the genre apart is its interest in dabbling in the arena of social justice. As Hai Phuong battles an endless parade of henchmen in search of her daughter, she also uncovers a much darker subplot involving child abduction. By running into the darkness where the police fear to tread, Hai actually manages to bring light by exposing their crimes. While her mission stems from her love for her daughter, the outcome also allows for true justice to be served.

Still, despite the film?s brief dalliance with social issues,?Furie is really about stunts which thankfully deliver what they promise. Through his skills at developing action set pieces, director Van Kiet weaves a story that compels as well as entertains.

Furie roars on demand and Blu-ray on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

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