Carol’s Second Act: Courage, Comedy and Starting Over

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Carol’s Second Act is a new sitcom hitting CBS on September 26, 2019. It bring us Carol Kenney (Patricia Heaton), a divorced empty-nester who has retired from her career as a teacher, who goes back to school and follows her dream of becoming a doctor. As kindhearted and energetic as she is, Carol experiences some setbacks because of the way others perceive her and her age.

Right away, I was intrigued with the concept of this show, particularly the dynamic of a middle-aged person completely starting her life over. A second career path is incredibly brave and challenging and, though this show is a comedy, we still get a glimpse of Carol’s enlivened nature getting temporarily dimmed from the difficulties of her first day as a hospital intern.

With age comes wisdom and we see Carol try to incorporate that wisdom into her new found career. Carol seems to struggle with the balance between following orders and doing what she believes is right. This doesn’t sit well with her colleagues, particularly the chief resident, Dr. Maya Jacobs (Ito Aghayere). Dr. Jacobs is a stern and no nonsense character who quickly clashes with Carol.

With Patricia Heaton and Kyle MacLachlan (as Dr. Steven Frost) rounding out the cast, Carol’s Second Act is sure to bring the acting and comedy chops. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing how Carol fairs as a resident doctor, and how the dynamic with her colleagues evolves.

To hear audio from my phone interview with Ito Aghayere, click here.

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