Blindspot – The Complete Second Season: Who are We?

Jane/Alice (Jaime Alexander) explodes out of a CIA interrogation as the second season of NBC’s hit series begins, and the NSA’s Nas Kamal (Archie Punjabi, The Good Wife) recruits Kurt Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton, Strike Back)?team to capture her and help her infiltrate the terrorist cell called Sandstorm. Will the team be able to trust Jane? Will Jane be able to trust the team?

While NBC seems to be on another hot streak (The Black List,?Blindspot) with action shows, it’s clear that the level of acting, production, and scripting brings them to a level that the average network show just isn’t pulling off. Seriously, too many of the shows fall into a rut too quickly, assuming that their one trick is enough to make the audience by back in. [If every?Blindspot?show revolved around one of Jane’s tattoos, how monotonous would that be? But if they bailed on the tattoos all together, what would we think held the show together?]

In the second season, the intrigue and action remain, the familial aspects of the show provide it a level of heart and meaning that exceed what we might expect from a formulaic show. Namely, we meet Jane’s brother and her mother, and she must deal with the ways that they interact in her world, while also watching how Weller’s team must deal with old betrayals, losses, and conflicting messages happening in the present (the loss of a member of their team from Season One has a long shadow in the second season).

When loyalty is tested, the team find themselves trying to figure out what keeps them grounded. Is it truth? The job? Their relationships? While the spectrum of tension is quite different from our lives, we still find ourselves faced with the same questions, categorically, when push comes to shove. When everything goes crazy, what will we have faith in? Who will we believe? For Weller’s crew, there’s no guarantee that everyone will stare into that abyss and still be standing when the third season kicks off in September.

Special features on the NBC/Warner Bros.’ package include unaired scenes, a gag reel, and the two ‘takes’ on Comic-Con 2016. Fans will also get a look at different aspects of the show – like Family Secrets, Zero Division, and Sandstorm, providing insight into the mysteries that make the show tick.?

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