Band Ladies: Never Too Late

Band Ladies is a new web series streaming on beginning May 13, 2020. Highball TV is a newer platform that offers a 7-day trial where you can check out Band Ladies, as well as much more content.  Band Ladies was created by Kate Fenton, Dana Puddicombe, and Molly Flood (who also directed). With each episode running around 10 minutes long, you can binge the entire season in about an hour.  

When five acquaintances get sick of reading cheesy romance in their book club and have a drunken night together, they realize that they?re all quietly dealing with their own personal wounds. As a result, they decide to venture into the world of punk music as a venue to express their frustrations and escape from their daily mediocrities. 

This force of nature Canadian cast includes Kate Fenton, Lisa Michelle Cornelius, Vicki Kim, Dana Puddicombe, and Kirsten Rasmussen. Together, they yield a group of strong women who, despite their differences, support each other and provide a safe space to be themselves, or at least different from their everyday personas.  

Band Ladies is pure comedy, while still managing to touch on more emotional story lines, such as infertility, struggling to balance parenthood, and even the ugly side of the corporate world. It?s a true to life glimpse into some of the struggles that women face as they approach middle age.  

Band Ladies also contains the potential for some serious female inspiration.  With the overarching theme of ?it?s never too late to reinvent yourself?, we see that it doesn?t matter where we come from or what we do. Instead, what matters is the next step we take. We don?t only have to be one thing. It?s important to listen to ourselves and do what we feel is right and what makes us happy. As one character says, ?I don?t usually do things just for me. It?s nice to take care of yourself.?

With some fun punk music (available now on most streaming platforms), and funky fashion, Band Ladies is a fun ride from start to finish.

To listen to my interview with the director, producer, actor, and co-creator, Molly Flood, click here.

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