Matt Hill

The Witness (to God)

[Note 1: The following includes mild, implicit?spoilers.?Note 2:?This?is not an in-depth review?of The Witness?and assumes?some prior knowledge?of and interest in the game. For an excellent, straight?piece that describes the game’s?mechanics, contextualizes,?etc., please see Jonathan Clauson’s article at Christ & Pop Culture?here.] dots and lines intersect in the trees, asking: just what is the?meaning of these?…

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not knee-jerking over Deadpool (or in general)

what do you think the “typical Christian review” of Deadpool?is like? [Google if you wish?. . go ahead, i’ll wait] perhaps you correctly predicted that many “Christian reviews” focus?on its rating [UNNECESSARY SPOILER: Deadpool is?unabashedly R-rated, prolifically profane, conspicuously sex-laden, intentionally?irreverent, vehemently violent, et cetera, et cetera] in fact, maybe surprisingly, not only are “Christian…

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why Star Wars is more than a movie

“it’s just a movie” says someone of Star Wars who?just don’t know the thing is: no. it’ s not just a movie besides being, perhaps, *the* movie,?in the blockbuster, spinoff-spawning, critic-and-fan favorite, industry uber-underwriting, entertainment?behemoth sense, it’s also a cross-generational shared story about redemption and?sacrifice and the cosmic struggle between light and dark and the…

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