1-on-1 with David Peck & Nathanael Draper (Broken Courage) [YouTube/@Screenfish]

Directed by David Peck & Nathanael Draper, BROKEN COURAGE is set in the heart of Cambodia and tells the story of Suon Rottana, a former teenage Khmer Rebel and soldier with the Cambodian army. Now a landmine amputee, Rottana has built a museum to remind himself and teach the next generation about the horrors of war, even if they’d like to forget. BROKEN COURAGE is a story about how trauma leaves a mark on us all and the power to heal. In this 1on1, we speak to Peck and Draper about their passion for Cambodia and fighting to heal.

@brokencouragethemovie8263 will be playing at the @OakvilleFestivals. For more information, go to offa.ca.

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