TV Screened: Heroes Reborn (1.1-2) – Is The Franchise Back?


“Save the Cheerleader, save the world.”

That was the phrase that defined the first season of Heroes. It wasn’t a new idea but it was unique for TV and it was a very strong season. Unfortunately, it dramatically dropped in season 2 and eventually died out after season 3. But with the rise of superhero films and superhero shows, NBC decided to give Heroes another run. The question is, is it truly reborn?

Heroes Reborn opens with a two-hour, two-episode slot that centered around one known face, Noah Bennett. At the end of Season 3, ?Claire (Hayden Pannitierre) revealed herself to the world. Here, we enter the new world she created that models the X-Men comics in a way.

There are people with powers (called Evos) trying to coexist while those without powers fear them. And after an accident happens, those with powers now hide in fear. It is a cycle of events that results in?Evos being hunted, as some Evos finding friends and others are hunted. Noah is dragged back into a world he thought he left behind, but he discovers that?there is something he had his old friend make him forget. The question is, what it is it? The theme of the first episode isn’t “save the cheerleader, save the world” but rather,?”it’s coming”. What is coming? We shall see.

So here is the question: is Heroes back? Does it carry that same feel of Season One, or is this a continuation of what made it fail? The reality is, it is too early to tell. But the writers and NBC didn’t do much to make us feel like we did in the first season. The new characters introduced feel rushed with little substance. It felt like they wanted to throw all the major players in but not give us anything about them, except for Noah.

The stakes feel high but what are they? Why are these folks important? Instead of?taking their time on the characters, it felt like they threw stuff in a bowl and just mixed it all together with no rhyme or reason. I hope that as the season goes, the writers can do a better job, or this new series will have the same outcome as the original….and most likely not last as long.

There was an interesting theme to take from the show. We hear about not judging a book by its cover, and Heroes Reborn fits that bill. From a bully to a close friend, not everything appears as it may seem. It teaches us that before we judge someone, maybe we should see what’s inside rather than what is exhibited on the outside. It’s a correlation of how Christ sees us. Our outside is filthy yet, He looks on the inside and is interested in our heart. Once we let Him in, we can then see the change from the inside out.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursday evenings at 8:00pm on NBC.

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