Mass Shootings; Top Gun, Stranger Things, Obi Wan & Nostalgia


It is a sad season of far too many mass shootings…

In this episode of Your Sunday Drive, we discuss details of the recent incidents, their complex causes, related political and cultural issues, possible solutions, and more.

How may our overall crisis of meaning be leading to a crisis of gun violence? What role does the church play?

Nostalgia rears its head yet again, as Top Gun: Maverick rules at the box office, while Stranger Things 4 and Obi Wan Kenobi take over streaming platforms. We talk about these stories, the positives and negatives of nostalgia, and why now might be such a fertile time for the familiar to find favor. (Sorry about all those Fs ? sometimes things just happen and you gotta go with it 🙂 )

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Come along for Your Sunday Drive – quick conversation about current events, politics, pop culture and more, from the perspective of a couple of guys trying to follow Jesus.

Hosts: Matt Hill and Nate Polzin. Presented by the Church in Drive of Saginaw, MI, as often as possible. Please visit and

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