Knights of the Zodiac: Fighting what’s in front of you

Is this a rare mid-budget movie or just a low budget blockbuster?

Based on the internationally-beloved anime, Knights of the Zodiac follows Seiya, a young kid who tries to make a living doing fights in the streets. Quickly, his life changes completely when he discovers that he has mystical powers and is quickly hunted by a dangerous and ancient warmonger. Now on the run from this threat with Mylock and Alman, Seiya has to take on his destined role as a Knight of the Zodiac in order to must protect a teenage girl who may contain the key to saving everyone.

Most of the film’s charm relies on its anime-style lighting and visual effects, which often combine together in engaging and alienating ways. However, while it may be interesting to look at, its lack of naturalism takes the viewer out of the story. Perhaps the film’s greatest flaw though is that it often lacks emotion. This lack of motivation and human connection is a trait that makes it much harder to connect to the film, especially considering its slow pacing following its opening action scene. The film’s more visceral and immersive emotional hook is supposed to be a budding romance between Seiya and Athena but, unfortunately, a lack of chemistry holds them back from .

As Seiya is pushed into more intense scenarios (and increasing danger to himself), he learns to care about the people who have been put around him in his life. His desire is always to help his sister who was kidnapped but he soon discovers that he won’t be able to save her unless he has the help and trust of those around him. This requires him to become a servant leader, someone who is able and willing to do whatever that he can for others. In this journey, he learns to push himself to do better for those that he cares and learns to humble himself and bring others with him. I

While this narrative does seem touching, unfortunately, Knights lacks the human connection and style that fit the emotions that it goes for. Even so, Zodiac uses its spectacle to keep the viewer engaged and there’s enough to watch for to keep a group of anime and superhero fans enjoying themselves at the theatre.

Knights of the Zodiac is available in theatres on Thursday, May 11th, 2023.

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